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Waste can be stored, grouped and mixed (also by way of derogation from art 187 of 152/2006) for transfer to subsequent disposal plants. This activity is formally authorised for liquid and solid waste but is currently only used for liquid waste treated in order to obtain mixtures suitable for waste-to-energy plants (in Italy or, with notification, abroad).
Finally, there is a system that crushes empty metal drums.


Water-based waste, stored in tanks, undergoes chemical/physical treatment. This can be done di-rectly in the tanks or in a specially prepared storage cone. The treatment involves adding chemical substances in order to precipitate some metal ions present in the solution in the form of sludge. The aqueous phase is separated and stored for transfer to another system. The muddy phase is sent to a filter press in which the liquid and solid parts are completely separated. The solid phase is stored for transfer to another system.


Treatment specifically for solvent-based waste (organic solvents from liquid waste and waste containing pasty sludge). The cycle can involve one or more steps, including distillation (liquid waste), filtration, decanting, dehumidification, basification, acidification, passivation, deodorisa-tion and clarification. Solvent recovery is preceded where necessary by operations required for the treatment (separation, selection and functional draining). This recovery activity can also use waste instead of additives.


Drying is carried out in evaporators, into which the waste is loaded with pumps or by gravity. It is then subjected to the combined action of vacuum and heat, provided by high-temperature oil circulat-ing in the outer jacket of the dryer. This results in the evaporation of the volatile substances pre-sent in the waste, which are then condensed and collected. The semi-finished product obtained undergoes further rectification (distillation) for sale.

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