A concrete example of a circular economy

ECO.RA.V’s nerve centre is located at the foot of the Belluno Dolomites, a Unesco World Heritage Site. It was here, where the mountains touch the sky, that our propensity towards environmental protection began.

Specialised in waste recovery, ECO.RA.V. is able to produce recycled solvent from all kinds of sol-vent waste.

ECO.RA.V's solid experience, built up since 1981, has made it a pioneering brand in the circular economy.

Our name tells our story: ECOlogia Razionale Veneta [Venetian Rational Ecology] expresses the principle that has always guided the company’s choices towards the rationalisation of resources and processes.


Having been present on the market for several decades, we can meet our customers’ needs and offer efficient solutions


Specialised expertise in hazardous and non-hazardous waste management, optimised processes and state-of-the-art technologies


We show our respect for the environment with concrete and far-sighted actions: waste recovery and regeneration

Key word: regeneration

ECO.RA.V. applies the Low Carbon Economyconcept in practical ways, a choice based on the sharing of basic principles regarding waste re-generation and disposal activities, combined with respect for the environment of the community as a whole.

ECO.RA.V. systems treat multiple types of industrial waste and cater to a cross-section of custom-ers, including large private and public industrial companies and small businesses, with particular focus on solvent recovery and chemical waste management.

Specialised skills, reliability and efficiency

The ECO.RA.V team is highly specialised and offers our customers constant attention in order to meet even the most complex needs.

What sets us apart is our reliability, continuous professional training, scrupulous application of strict regulatory compliance procedures and cutting-edge technologies. These characteristics allow us to offer a high-quality service that is complete and safe.

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